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Superville REView

No. 2, January 1997

Enter Our REVtastic Competition
Win a weekend in Superville! Yes, you could be the lucky winner of our most amazing competition yet. After experiencing the scuba delights off Superville’s sun soaked beaches with Boy Bop, spend the evenings dancing in the jukebox bars. On the next day, take a trip around the island by bike - motorbike, of course! How do you get to win this once in a lifetime opportunity? Simply collect all the Superville REView Itch Cards that come with this and the next three issues of the Superville REView - itch the cards, and if all three have the message "Superville Winner", you’ve won.

If your issue of the Superville REView does not contain an Itch Card, go back to your newsagent and complain.
Body Found on Beach
An unidentified body of a youth was found on a Superville beach yesterday.

A distraught teenager had been waiting for the youth when reports of the body were made public. Between heart breaking sobs she recounted how she had only met with him at a beach party the night before, where he had suggested a pony ride the following day. She had only recently started going out again after the loss of her previous boyfriend Bobby.

Hip City Mayor Re-elected
In a predicted re-election victory, Eugene Reynolds was re-elected unopposed as mayor of Hip City yesterday. His campaign, driven by the slogan "Hip City you were meant for me," promises another four years of cool in Superville's hottest city.

Reynolds' acceptance speech was his shortest yet: "Hip City - you made it right tonight."

Superville Lottery Numbers

This month’s winning numbers are:
2 4 16 34 45 46 48

with a predicted jackpot of S$2 million - yes, 2 million super-dollars could be yours if your numbers match those above. The official Superville lottery is run by Rakealot.


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