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If it's going to happen, you'll hear about it here first! Get the latest news here - you can also read past news releases, just incase you weren't paying attention and missed them. There's even a couple of archived copies of the Superville Review for other news you may have not read about in the international press media.

16th June 2008New book: The Rhythm Method
20th June 2003Jungle of Eyes out
20th December 2002Attack! CD out
22nd July 2002Revillos CD rumour
29th December 2001Rerelease: Totally Alive!
19th June 2001Rev Up on CD
1st December 2000Rezillos CD rumour
1st December 2000Website Makeover
8th December 1999Revillos CD: Wireless Recordings
1st September 1998Revillos Video: Re-Animated!
Sometime 1998Revillos EP: Man Hunt
Sometime 1998Revillos CD: Totally Alive!

16th June 2008

New book: The Rhythm Method

The Revillos drummer, Rocky Rhythm, has published a book that gives an inside look at The Revillos and the punk music industry of the time. An essential read for all Revillos fans, The Rhythm Method can be bought online.

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20th June 2003

CD: Revillos

Jungle of Eyes is now available from Captain Oi!. Previously unreleased tracks and new mixes. See details in the Albums section.

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20th December 2002

CD: Revillos

Attack! is now available from Captain Oi!. Brand new mixes! Full details here.

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22nd July 2002

CD: Revillos

We hear that there is a new CD version of Attack! in the works. It sounds like it will include some unreleased mixes as well as a video track! Stay tuned for details.

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29th November 2001

CD: Totally Alive!

It was available from the US - it's now available from the UK! Not only that, it has been digitally remastered. Details can be found in the Albums page. Available from Captain Oi!.

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19th June 2001

CD: Rev Up

It's what Revillos fans around the world have been asking for, and eventually it has happened: Rev Up is finally going to be available on CD!

The full details and track listing can be found here.

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1st December 2000

CD: Rezillos

It is 2000AD, so what else would you expect other than Rezillos related news! We expect to get details of a *new* Rezillos CD very soon. As soon as we know anything more, you can be sure that your intrepid Superville reporters will get the news to you first! This is rumoured to feature tracks NEVER HEARD BEFORE!!!

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1st December 2000

Website Makeover

The Revillos web site has been given a long overdue new look. We know you'll like it! As well as making the site more easy to navigate, we've included some new material: clips of extremely rare video promotions and complete songs recorded as MP3 files. We plan to bring more goodies to the site, such as a huge collection of photos from the Superville archives. If you have any material you think should also be shown on the site - let us know.

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8th December 1998

CD: Wireless Recordings

revwire.jpg (17136 bytes)

16 previously unreleased tracks from the BBC archives! The earliest are from around the time of the Motorbike Beat single in 1980, the latest were recorded in 1996 when the Revillos played a series of gigs in the UK and Ireland to promote the Live From The Freezer Album.

Available from Vinyl Japan.

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1st September 1998

"Not to be confused with their many dumb-dumb retro bandwagon-jumping peers, The Revillos were, in truth, always a sublimely out of time, pulp pop experience. Reforming for a Japanese tour in the wake of their 'Yeah Yeah' hit, these are the band's only shows in the Western World for 11 years. Fay Fife, Eugene Reynolds, Rocky Rhythm et al will no doubt serve up another hip-shaking, lip-quivering, quiff-wobbling feast of big, kitsch, garage-trash, poppy punkerama."
London Time Out, April 27 1996.

Video: The Revillos: Re-Animated!

revlive2.jpg (15434 bytes)

If you were at the London gigs back in April 1996 you may have noticed that they were being filmed. The video was expected to be available early last year but a series of production problems have delayed it until now. The The Revillos: Re-Animated! video is now available.

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EP: The Revillos: Live 4 Track EP

Two tracks from the Totally Alive! album - Man Hunt, and Your Baby's Gone - and two previously unreleased recordings - Secret Of The Shadow, and Voodoo.

All tracks recorded live in April 1996.

Available from Sympathy for the Record Industry.

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CD/LP: Totally Alive!

revlive.jpg (17136 bytes)

You may have already purchased the wonderful Re-Animated video, but for your hi-fidelity listening pleasure we recommend you that you should procure the Totally Alive! CD or album from Sympathy for the Record Industry (if you've tried inserting the video into your CD player, you'll have found it didn't improve anything). The album, although bigger, is actually smaller because they couldn't fit as many tracks on it. The CD has a unique 12 page Revillos comic strip insert that will never be reproduced anywhere else - even on this site!

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