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Welcome to Superville

Welcome to the Superville Tourist Information Office. Hopefully, you will find all that is useful to know about the island's history and its famous inhabitants: The Revillos.

Until recently, Superville had been suffering a freak localised ice age, freezing all its inhabitants in a cryogenic suspended animation. With the thaw the world can once again experience the sonic energy of The Revillos. To get the latest information, we recommend you regularly visit our News stand.

If you are looking for multimedia artefacts, then step into the Superville Gallery, where you will find both sonic and visual treasures.

For the collector, there is a full listing of all the spinning things that have been published by our illustrious inhabitants. You can also find related materials in the Revillia section.

For trips and excursions to other sites of interest, you may use our Express Links service. If you came here to find the Rezillos, then you'll find them here.

So, we hope you enjoy your stay and tell others of the fun to be had in Superville, home of the Revillos! If you're really interested, then you can find out about the people who run this site.

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