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So, here you are, the definitive details of the greatest tour for 2003...

2003 Tour Dates

Last updated 1st April 2003

Jan 30thSunderlandCancelled!
Jan 31stDerbyVictoria Inn
Feb 1stLondonMean FiddlerGold Blade, The Spitfires
Feb 7thBlackburnNorth Bar
Feb 9thLeicesterThe CharlotteRed Sharks
Feb 15thLos AngelesL.A. Shakedown
Feb 21stBradfordRio
Feb 23rdBrightonConcorde 2
Feb 24thRennesMondo Bizarro
Feb 26thGuadalajaraHenry Chinaski
Feb 27thMadridGrutta 77
Feb 28thBergaraJam
March 1stBarcelonaRazmatazz
March 2ndValenciaSala Roxy
March 26thAberdeenLemon Tree
March 27thGlasgowGarage
March 28thEdinburghLiquid Rooms

More dates are expected later in the year. You can get tickets direct from the venues and other reputable vendors, such as the way ahead.

Photos from the 2003 Tour

Many thanks to Steve, co-webmaster, for these photos from the Brighton gig.

Band Line-Up

Eugene Reynolds, Fay Fife, Jo Callis, Angel Patterson and Johnny

Here's some pics from the old days - just to remind you! And here's a recent interview.

Missed the US tour in 2002? Well, you can still see what went on through the power of the Net. Same goes for the Oslo gig - thanks to Innes for this!

Revillos Site and Mailing List

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